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    Page Created: June 1998
    Page Last Updated: February 10, 2007
  • Hanson's new album, "The Walk" is being released soon. I guess. Information up on Hanson.net, and sometimes, it's even free for non-members. Imagine.
  • However, Lauren's website, The Cheesy Land Of Hanson is getting updated again... probably never. Well, okay, I might post concert reviews if I go to those. That's it, though. I've lost my ferver in this band. This feeling had been building up a long time. My site, however, is awesome, and will be up as long as I have a place to put it.
  • The San Francisco and Sacramento '04 shows were awesome! I have reviews written for both, but by "review", I always seem to interpret this as the time to talk on about myself, make occasional observations about how I think people other than myself suck, then talk about how attractive Isaac is, and then say that I'm a huge Hanson fan because of their music. In other words, they're the greatest concert reviews ever written.
  • In theory... do you think Isaac writes the majority of the band's lyrics? Just thinking... the opening line of Penny & Me, Taylor sings "Cigars in the summertime", but isn't Isaac the one that smokes cigars? I would think the opening line would be "Pot in the summertime" if Tay wrote it. I'm in trouble now. I should get myself out of it: Hanson would totally not do illegal drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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